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90% of our time we spend in buildings...

Air in buildings is on average 5 times more polluted than outdoor air

ACS: expert in building management

To know what is going on in your building and environment you should measure, map and take measures. In this way we drastically and quickly improve the air quality in your building.

With a few sensors, a Smart Base and a connection to our building platform Climatics, you can quickly and without unnecessarily high costs gain insight into the air quality of your building and start improving it.

Start with clean air tomorrow

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Air quality is our top priority

ACS specializes in processing building data. Health problems in buildings can only be tackled if we know what we are talking about. And that means a lot of measuring. ACS does this with sensors, both indoors and outdoors, that can measure different substances in the air. Based on this data, advanced IT can be used to actively control healthy indoor air.

Healthy buildings will be increasingly important

Healthy buildings is becoming a hot topic. Although the corona pandemic has made us more aware of this, it is certainly not the only health issue that is current these days.

A healthy lifestyle plays an increasingly important role in our lives. Healthy air in buildings cannot be left behind. We want healthy classrooms for our children, fresh air in our gyms and a pleasant working climate in the office. Temperature and daylight are no longer the only factors for a pleasant working environment. Buildings where many people congregate often suffer from poor air quality and an unhealthy living environment.

We urgently need to make real demands on healthy air in the built environment. ACS responds to this demand by offering active controls to make the indoor climate in the built environment healthier.

Bad air poses serious health risks. The increasing number of measurements should give us a better idea of this. However, much of this data is currently not properly processed and used.

With our building platform Climatics we collect huge amounts of data and we use this data to provide a real-time picture of the situation in and around a building. This ensures that we quickly understand where any health problems in buildings come from. Many of these problems are easy to fix. For the other problems, we already have many solutions and more are under development.

Make your building healthier

Interested in our solutions? Or would you rather first know more about what we can do specifically for you? Feel free to contact us and we will answer all your questions.