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Know what is going on and start improving

Control the air around you

We use sensors to create a complete image of the air in and around the building. Our building platform Climatics stores all this information in a structured way, infinitely. A log for the environment, structured and clear. Climatics really gets to know the building, inside and out.

Based on these measurements and smart AI controls, we can actively manage the air in the building to tackle problems with polluted air.

Start with clean air tomorrow

A complete package to immediately get a grip on the air quality in your building
  • 2 indoor measuring stations
  • 1 Outdoor measuring station
  • 1 Reliable industrial PC ("Smart Base")
  • Connection to the Climatics platform: view all data and reports endlessly
  • Software module to improve air quality

Reduction of harmful substances in buildings

Based on collected data, we can control the installations in your building in such a way that the air in the building is polluted as little as possible. The brain behind this operation is the Smart Base, a small but powerful computer that connects Climatics to your building installations.

For example, the system provides extra ventilation when the presence of a larger number of people is measured. When ventilating your building, the air is brought in from the outside. If there are times when the air outside is very polluted, it is a better idea to close the dampers for a while. Examples are the morning rush hour, but also of a truck that is idling next to your building. Sometimes simple interventions can already have major effects.

What is being measured?

And we can go one step further...

KNMI and ESA have valuable data on climate conditions. It’s why we can predict so well what the weather will be like. We work with these institutes to ‘predict’ polluted air as well. Based on satellite and sensor data from all over Europe, we have an accurate picture of where polluted air will be and when.

The advantage of this is that we can adjust your system in such a way that, for example, extra ventilation is provided just before polluted air comes your way, so that the valves can close for a while. By combining broad and local measurement, we can therefore manage even better for clean indoor air in buildings!

Make your building healthier

Are these solutions really for you? Or would you rather first know more about what we can do specifically for you? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.